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Intensive Couples Therapy Colorado Springs

Intensive Couples Therapy Colorado Springs

Intensive Couples Therapy is a ten-hour concentrated counseling over two days on a Friday and Saturday with a Gottman, trained licensed marriage family therapist. Using the evidence-based Gottman treatment model, couples complete a relationship assessment that identifies the areas where they can achieve the highest growth and move forward to a place of strength, reconnection, and hope.The Couples Intensive Weekend is an effective alternative to the traditional therapeutic approach that is condensed and focused on the specific issues to get your relationship back on track. During the intensive, couples are free from daily living distractions and can pay full attention to the process. Our Couples and Marriage Intensives can accommodate non-local couples who are not able to attend weekly sessions.

Couples will be presented with tools and interventions to learn how to build love maps, turn towards each other and accept bids for connection. Gottman’s research shows that 69% of problems couples encounter remain unresolved but do not end the relationship. Couples often focus on eliminating the conflict instead of managing it. During the Intensive Couples Therapy weekend, they will learn to manage conflict. Couples will begin to hope and dream again, developing rituals of connection that move them towards fulfilling these hopes and dreams.

Trained in the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy in Trauma and Infidelity, I help clients work through the three phases of Atonement, Attunement, and Attachment. Couples that successfully move through these phases can re-establish and restore their broken relationship.

To schedule your Intensive Weekend, contact Peter J Marsh MA LMFT SRT.