"Peter is very consistent with helping you build your self-awareness and confidence"- NH
Peter has been amazingly instrumental in the progression of my life. He’s very consistent with helping you build your self-awareness and confidence in understanding how your behaviors and patterns affect your life.
  He’s not going to give you the answers or fix your life for you, but if you’re willing to put in the work to improve yourself, then ElevenSix Counseling is worth every penny you spend.

"He gave us tools to learn how to better communicate" - MW
My husband and I have seen Peter off and on for the past 6 years or so. He gave us tools to learn how to better communicate, specifically in terms of emotions (expressing what we're feeling and validating one another). We've been amazed at how helpful these tools have been in our marriage, and we're able to diffuse fights and turn them into productive conversations incredibly quickly. 

As other issues have come up, we've done sessions here and there for some additional guidance for how to deal with them. Most of these issues have been from experiences outside of our relationships, such as beliefs built in childhood, experiences that were semi-traumatic, or toxic work environments. Peter has helped us through all of them and has given us the tools to work through new problems on our own.

Many people will pay for personal trainers at the gym. We believe that budgeting for counseling will help improve so much more, by dealing with past trauma, addiction, and other issues in order to have a more enjoyable life. Not only can it positively impact your life, but the lives of everyone else around you. I know I'm a better person, wife, mom, and friend because of what I've chosen to deal with.

"Highly recommend." - DK
Peter has an incredible ability to understand and help clients work through challenging situations individually and in all types of relationships. I enjoyed his insight that guided me through personal discovery and growth to become a better person of confidence and well-being after walking through a tough segment of my life journey. Highly recommend.

"The tools and processing that I continue to receive allows me to remain strong in my relationships" - KM
I have been a client and a part of Peter's groups for many years now. The tools and processing that I continue to receive allows me to remain strong in my relationships (spouse, children, and others) while continuing to push myself to a deeper emotional level.  Peter's approach with clients WORKS! Having been to multiple counselors before finding Peter, he was a breath of fresh air. I think one of the most important things about his work, is that he does not believe there is a 'one-method' approach to all individuals. With his extensive training in CBT (cognitive behavior therapy), along with his CSAT, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and other modalities - he brings a renewed feeling of hope and support through a variety of approaches.

My wife and I have personally referred individuals and couples to Peter over the years, and we will continue to do so as ongoing clients. You would be in a safe place if you trust your journey to Peter!

"I have never experienced intimacy like this before" - KR
"My wife and I still sit together a few times a week, acknowledging how thankful we are that we met you just over a year ago. Your help has changed our life. I’ve never experienced intimacy like this before, with my wife, my kids, and with myself. Living, in reality, has been painful and a lot of work, but the results have been worth it. It gives me hope, endurance, and tools to continue working through the current painful feelings and experiences."

"Hope When I was at the end of my rope" - NC
"After years of being in denial over my sexual addiction, I came to a point where I knew it had to be confronted, and through a series of events, the Lord led me to Peter. At the end of the 1st session I had hope, and by the end of the 2nd session, I began experiencing healing. By availing myself of the tools Peter supplies, specific to my situation, progress was rapid. I needed his direct, yet compassionate approach. My wife later willingly joined the sessions when she began to see the change. Now our marriage is experiencing healing as well. We also explored issues related to caregiving that were crippling us and Peter's insights prevented us from literally imploding! I live in a rural area, with VERY limited counseling options. Tele-counseling was really my only option and I have been so thankful, it was with Peter!"

"Peter has Helped Me" - KT
“I have been working with Peter for over three years, both individual and group counseling sessions. I appreciate all that he has done in allowing God to open up areas in my life that for too long I ignored. He is fair and honest at all times.  I have found the best thing in working with Peter is that he gives me tools, which allow healing in my life. He does challenge me and even though I don't always want to hear it, he calls me out when I try to ignore the truth or some area in my life that needs attention.”

"Great Counselor" - MJ
“I came to Peter needing help with anxiety and have found one of those rare people in life that is able to not only understand but also offer practical advice for any and all issues I've brought to the table. I've suggested many of my friends call Peter to talk through their struggles and I'd recommend him to any of my family and friends.”

"Empathetic and Strategic - No wasted time - His tools work." - MJ
"My journey to recovery and wholeness started in 2013. Through the group, individual, and now couples therapy – Peter has been my trusted guide. His special talent is delivering a skilled blend of deep love and appropriate toughness. He is courageous to “tell it like it is” and always challenges me to make progress. Peter’s under-girding skill is a genuine concern for his clients, and a willingness to appropriately share his own experience in overcoming. He gets into the ring with me as we wrestle with my issues; heading right for root causes of my problem areas and working out with my strategies for change. If you are done playing softball, and really want to change, tap into Peter’s skill and resources. Peter never wastes time – his tools work."

"Highly Recommend His Counseling Services." - RM
“Peter Marsh is a very skilled professional who provides an extremely high caliber of service. I have worked with him since 2013 and find him to be caring and dedicated to assuring his clients are successful in reaching their personal and family goals. He expects a high level of accountability yet has a realistic frame of mind. He is a great motivator and grounds his approach in a Christian context.”

"Compassionate and Empathetic" - JP
"I want to thank you for your warm validation of my spouse this morning. I don't think I've ever seen her face lit up so. I know she is hungry for that kind of affirmation. For this, Peter, I can't thank you enough. It was worth 1000 times my own discomfort to see the flood of joy and relief in her face, and the light returning to her eyes. There was more hope than I have seen in her face in many months.

"Changed Life." - DV
Peter has had a profound impact on my journey of recovery. First through multiple counseling sessions and then through the group, he leads. The insight I have gained through Peter's counseling and words have brought hope where there was none. Peter is straight-forward but provides that in the context of love and acceptance. To any men who are in need of counseling, whether for recovery through addiction or struggles in life and marriage, I would highly recommend Peter.

"Great Group Leader" - JB
"I am so appreciative of Peter leading the Intimacy Anorexia and Freedom Group. He is perfect for that role and does a great job. I have already learned so much from his leadership! He has much wisdom in these areas and is honest, bold, and sincere. Something we all need desperately!"

"Helped Me Find My Confidence Again." - MG
“Peter today was another great day for counseling. I get a tremendous amount out of our sessions. You are such a blessing to me! It was really helpful to talk through the scenario regarding my mom. I just don't know how to relate to her in a way she can understand. Now I have new tools to try! Also, when we talked some weeks ago, you asked if it was helping. I can now say that you have given me the right tools, I am still just a novice with them and need practice. Thank you again for all you do and all your help!”

Daniel Rolfe, Senior Pastor, Mountain Springs Church
"I absolutely vouch for Peter's spiritual anointing and professional competency in counseling. I have been able to refer many people to him and see how their lives were changed and shaped for Kingdom good. With all the demands upon a pastor’s time and the growing stress and strain upon people in our church family, I encourage you to keep Peter’s contact information close by. He would do very well for you and your church."

Dr. Dale Bertram, Ph.D., Professor, Marriage and Family Therapy at Abilene Christian University
“I am very impressed with Peter’s ability to process clinical information and to form multiple hypotheses about cases. He has the ability to think about cases from differing perspectives and to think about them from a variety of models. He also is very systemic in his thinking and practice. These skills seem to serve him well in his work with couples and families. Additionally, I believe both Peter’s background in the business world and in ministry have amplified his skill set and have allowed him to relate to a wide variety of people. For all of these reasons, I am giving Mr. Marsh a strong recommendation.”

Dr. Jim Bixler, Ph.D., LMFT, Approved Supervisor – AAMFT & State of Colorado
“I believe Peter is a very competent therapist. He has a solid understanding of theory. He has developed strong conceptualization and intervention skills in the work he does. He is a person of integrity. His application of therapeutic skills along with a strong Christian world view and personal faith make him a great resource for individuals, couples, and families who need assistance in developing the skills to improve the arenas of life in which they are experiencing difficulty.”