The Belief Check In (BCI) identifies what is motivating our behaivors and changes the ones that are maladaptive in our life.

The first part of the BCI helps us identify feelings and the core beliefs they are attached too.  We find freedom when we are able to make choices that are based on what is true about us.

Using the Tree of Belief as a metaphor, the apples represent our behavior.  The apples attached to the branches, show that our behavior is attached or motivated by something.  The branches represent our thoughts or feelings.  Our thoughts and feelings originate from the conclusions we made about ourselves based on life experiences.  These conclusions become our core beliefs.

If we want to change our behavior we must change what we believe about ourselves which changes how we feel and what we do.  When we begin to believe what is true about ourselves then our self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth grows and we become a more solid self.

Our beliefs about ourselves change when we reinforce through action what is true about us.  The second part of the BCI identifies the need I have and how to meet it legitimately.

We see the first four questions are a discovery of what we believe and whether it is based on something false or true.

The last two questions identify what we need and how to get it met in a legitimate way.  This will reinforce either the feeling or the truth.

The Belief Check In is a powerful tool to changing behavior.